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These are some of the most common phrases when ordering a funeral wreath,although the family can always choose the message they want it to carry.

  • We will always remember you, [name of deceased person].
  • Your children and grandchildren remember you with love [or with affection].
  • Your colleagues will miss you.
  • Your friends will never forget you.
  • Your brothers and nephews will live with your memory.
  • From your neighbors. May your memory last.
  • Your friends will always remember you.
  • Your friends from school will always remember you.
  • You will always be in the memory of your family.
  • Your mother's friends don't forget you.
  • Your children and grandchildren do not forget you.
  • Your family does not forget you.
  • With love from your colleagues. Rest in peace.
  • With much love from your brothers.
  • Always in our hearts [names of the people who give the crown if they are few].
  • I will Always Love You.
  • I will always carry you with me.
  • With love, your inseparable ones.
  • Thanks for everything.
  • I love you all my life.
  • Your family will always love you.
  • Thank you for all the love received.
  • With love, your neighbors.
  • Rest in Peace [name of person].
  • Rest in Peace, my love.
  • Rest easy, my friend.
  • May Peace always surround you.
  • In memoriam. D.E.P.
  • Eternal rest, friend.
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